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The Digital Twin Consortium

Implexus became a member of the Digital Twin Consortium in late 2023. After following the consortium’s work for several years, it became apparent that the consortium’s mission and values aligned with Implexus’ vision for the future.

“Digital Twin Consortium drives the awareness, adoption, interoperability, and development of digital twin technology. Through a collaborative partnership with industry, academia, and government expertise, the Consortium is dedicated to the overall development of digital twins. We accelerate the market by propelling innovation and guiding outcomes for technology end-users.”

As the aphorism goes, “a rising tide raises all ships” and we believe through cross-industry collaboration, everyone benefits, especially our clients. Members of the consortium represent the industries:

  • Academia & Research

  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Agriculture, Food & Beverage

  • Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operations

  • Capabilities & Technology

  • FinTech

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Manufacturing

  • Mobility & Transportation

  • Natural Resources

  • Security & Trustworthiness

  • Telecommunications

We are honored to be a part of the consortium, which is not only a resource for the community, but through its members, is setting the standards for high-quality digital twins in the industry. Implexus is excited to be a part of the broader global community developing the digital twin sector.

More information about the Digital Twin Consortium can be found here:

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