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Implexus embraces technology to support your unique operations and planning goals. Utilizing Unreal Engine software, we create digital twins to increase efficiencies and develop smart solutions to complex problems.

Entwining data and reality.

Improve operations with live data visualization.

3-Dimensional Modeling

3D models illustrate real-world conditions and enhance your ability to monitor systems. If you don't yet have a 3D model of your facility, our team can scan and build one for you.

Virtual + Augmented Reality

Implexus builds digital twins that immerse your team within the physical space, facilitating access to remote team members and ensuring their safety while examining potentially hazardous environments.

Real-Time Data Visualization

Implexus leverages digital twins to place you within the space—combining 3D modeling with live data enables you to interact with monitored objects in real-time and take action. 

Gradient Heatmap Display

We strengthen data visualization by integrating color-gradient heatmaps with spatial models—visually highlighting the health of interconnected systems to help you quickly identify anomalies and proactively address issues.

Historic Playback Access

Our team unlocks the power of point-in-time recall to empower analysis, identify relationships between systems, and adapt processes to streamline efficiencies.

Remote Accessibility

While baseline digital twins are desktop executables, we support cloud hosting capabilities—giving you and your team unlimited access to your interactive digital twin from anywhere.

The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.

— Seneca

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